Marcelle Stroud    Nigel Ball

Marcelle Stroud
Nigel Ball

Based in Oxfordshire, UK, Saving Mavis are a sophisticated, versatile duo, where the combined synergy of Marcelle Stroud (vocals) and Nigel Ball (backing vocals/guitar) creates an unforgettable musical experience.

We pride ourselves on offering an act that caters to the desired sound of any occasion – with an extensive set list carefully selected from multiple genres: from Rat Pack to Rock, from Soul to Pop.

Experience fresh and innovative arrangements of your favourite songs, presented by two professional musicians that use their unique approach to music to bring you the experience you have been waiting for.

With a busy calendar for 2024 and beyond, we recommend that you book Saving Mavis early, to avoid disappointment.


Marcelle: 07976 986019

Nigel: 07495 398289

Saving Mavis are independent, self managed artists.